1 Hour Belly Blast Diet – Real Fat Burning Weight Loss Diet Manual?
Excess body weight is the leading cause of disease in the United States, and is responsible for a wide range of health conditions that can have serious life threatening symptoms. Even just five excess pounds of body weight in the form of fat can more than double the chance of developing cardiovascular disease, which is the number one killer in the US, responsible for more than 25% of the total annual mortality rate.

Increased risk of cardiovascular disease is not the only negative health impact of excess body fat, however. An unhealthy BMI causes stress on the joints and ligaments that increases the risk of developing arthritic conditions, lowers libido and sexual health, and dramatically increases the chance of developing diabetes.

Taking action to lose weight and adopting healthy lifestyle practices is a powerful positive step toward a disease-free, healthy life, but the act of losing excess body fat can be exceptionally difficult for some people. There are many different diet systems available on the market today, but many of them use unhealthy starvation techniques to induce fat loss, a process that can cause serious metabolic damage.

Other methods of weight loss, such as the use of pharmaceutical weight loss pills and fat burners, carry a serious risk of causing further damage to the cardiovascular system, as most fat burning pills contain dangerous central nervous system stimulants that can induce jitters, shakes, and tachycardia, or an extremely fast heart rate.

A groundbreaking new weight loss method, however, is providing health conscious consumers with a revolutionary new method of weight loss that doesn’t involve extreme dietary restriction, calorie counting, or boring low-carbohydrate meal plans. The 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet system is an innovative new nutritional approach that is able to deliver fast and healthy weight loss without any negative side effects, while still allowing dieters to enjoy their favourite foods.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet and find out how it works and what it offers to help you decide whether it’s the right weight loss strategy for you.

About 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet
The 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet is unlike any other die system available on the market today, and is already being used by tens of thousands of people around the world to improve their health and rapidly burn away unwanted body fat. In addition to cutting away body weight quickly, the 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet system is able to reverse the effects of diabetes, promote higher levels of cardiovascular health, and even help dieters cut back on the amount of prescription medications they use.

Instead of forcing dieters to follow a “one size fits all” diet that doesn’t take into account the specific metabolic rate or fitness level of the user, the 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet begins by assessing 8 important factors before beginning, and factors them into the calculations used to establish the diet system.

The 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet incorporates age, total body weight, body measurements, BMI, blood sugar levels, blood pressure levels, cholesterol levels, and mood in order to create a highly accurate image of the health level of a dieter.

The most important element of the 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet, however, is that it allows dieters to have three full cheat days every week in which they are able to eat whatever they want without limits, making it one of the most flexible and easy to follow diets available.

How The 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet Works?
The 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet focuses on three primary weight loss techniques to provide fast and healthy fat burning. The first element of the 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet system leverages the metabolism boosting power of “Diet Induced Thermogenesis”.

By providing dieters with a list of foods that are able to actively burn fat and speed up the rate at which the body converts calories to energy, the 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet enhances metabolic lipolysis, causing extremely fast weight loss.

Secondly, the 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet incorporates nutrient timing frequency techniques that optimize the rate at which the body produces leptin, which is responsible for satiety. Finally, overfeeding principles are integrated into the 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet approach, helping dieters stay on track with cheat days.

What Does The 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet Includes?
The 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet system consists of five elements that come together to create a comprehensive diet program. The core of the 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet is the Diet Manual, which outlines the basics of the nutritional strategy provided by the program.

The core kegiatan is supported by four additional books- the Quick Start Guide, the Half Your Size Exercise Guide, a Progress Tracker log, and Customized Fat-Burning Supplement Recommendations.

The 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet also includes three bonus books that complement the core system- the Eating Out Restaurant Survival Guide, the 2 Minute Belly Flab Targeting Solution, and 21 Powerful Foods that Shrink Belly Bulge Fast.

1 Hour Belly Blast Diet System Review Summary
The 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet is one of the most flexible diet approaches available, and, most importantly, is covered by a comprehensive 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. If you’re looking for an effective weight loss system that still allows you to enjoy the foods you love, the 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet is a great option.

Article Source: Generation Engelmundus, Zeageat IM


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